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Book Club Discussion Questions

Amazon reviews for “Elevator Girl”

I was a guest on MPR’s Book Pick of the Week with Kerri Miller and Steph Curtis. Wow! Because the previous guest spoke about child loss, my own Book Pick of the Week was “You Are the Mother of All Mothers” by Angela Miller.

Here’s the segment:

Here’s the Pubslush crowdfunding campaign I put together in October 2013 to raise funds to publish the book. (Note to authors: Crowdfunding is A LOT of work, but worth it. Email me if you are thinking to do crowdfunding and want to ask me some questions. Otherwise, watch this video that I did with Pubslush and Wise Ink.)

Check out the buzz about “Elevator Girl” – Here is a listing of mentions in the media and online.

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Where in the World is Elevator Girl?


Author Q&A

Why did you write the book?

Short answer: I wanted to see if I could actually write a full-length novel. Long answer: When I lived in Czech Republic, we didn’t have a TV which meant lots of time for reading and writing. I got the idea for this book during that time, I think, because my ten-year high school reunion was coming up and I was feeling incredibly nostalgic. And I wanted to see if I could actually write a full-length novel.

Are your characters based on real people?

People tell me that a first novel is unavoidably cathartic. Having said that, I tried to be intentional about creating characters that were not based on any one particular person – me included. While Lisa and I both run, she likes it far more than I do. Some of Jake’s qualities were inspired by real people, but he was not modeled after one specific individual. Any similarity is coincidental or subconscious. (P.S. My own high school nemesis has no cameo appearance either. I think.) Having said that…one time I really did recognize a girl from my hometown on a reality show. The cats, Meow Zedong and Leroy, are based on real cats and the Shithouse 5k…that is TOTALLY real.

Have you ever run into your high school nemesis in the elevator?

Not yet! But he may have been at my ten-year reunion.


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