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Welcome to Red Shoes Writing Solutions!

Here I am with Jason Gobeil of Brandon, Manitoba who was the winner of the Division C International Speech Contest. Jason and I will go on to compete in the district contest in Winnipeg in May.

Red Shoes Weekly Update 4-24-17

Wow, what a weekend! I had not one, but TWO amazing things happen.

First, I received a Presidential Medallion for my volunteer service as a chapter president with the Minnesota Women of Today. Secondly, I won the Toastmasters Division C Tall Tales Speech Contest in Steinbach, Manitoba within Toastmaster District 64. (There was even a lady wearing red shoes in the audience!)

What a way to kick off National Volunteer Week!

I enjoy volunteering and these organizations help me to serve and to grow. In fact, the Women of Today values are: service, growth and fellowship. I certainly experience these three things in both of these worthy organizations. Anything that is about empowerment, positivity and passion (my Red Shoes values) – I am in.

The novel progress is coming along, slowly but surely, which means happy progress in my world. Several wise writing mentors told me a long time ago that it’s better to get it right than to get it out fast. I accepted long ago that I am a plodder, one who takes a long time to do things. This acceptance helps me stay focused on the task at hand – showing up at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week to do something with the manuscript – instead of lamenting that I don’t have fast hands like my husband or anyone else who can whip through tasks faster than a squirrel on crack.

One of the fun things I did in regards to my novel recently was interview Jay Remer, aka The Etiquette Guy. Jay is a leading expert on etiquette in Canada. Gregarious beyond all get-out, Jay ticked through my laundry list of questions like the professional he is in a manner that was both efficient and thorough. Jay also has a book coming out in October, 6 Pillars of Civility. He hosts a TV show you can check out on YouTube and you can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

All of this etiquette talk has inevitably spilled over to my family life. Because of my husband’s Czech heritage, our kids know how to handle (and use) a fork and knife together. But now I see just how often we forget to say “Excuse me,” before reaching an arm in front of one’s face and dinner for the ketchup.

Finally, there’s still time to save $50 on the Lake of the Woods Artists Retreat to be held September 7-10, 2017! Register and pay in full by May 1st and save $50! This is our third year doing this retreat. Past participants are already signing up, which I consider one of the best compliments of any kind of program or event.

Feel free to peruse my site. I’ve got a couple of books for sale, some services and don’t forget to sign up for the artist retreat! It’s rustic, but you will love it!

Pay in full by May 1st and save $50!

Happy writing!

– Kim

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